I am known for my creative yet stylish up-dos and hair styles that
last all night.  I know how to make your hair look its very best for
your wedding day with my vast knowledge of hair techniques and
products.  I can work with any hair type; thick or thin, curly or stick
straight.  If your hair needs more fullness or length don't worry,  I
also work with temporary hair extensions to achieve the look you
want.  When brides come for a trial, they also receive expert advice
on how to take care of their hair in order to have it in the best
condition possible for their wedding day and beyond.  I travel into
Chicago and its surrounding suburbs for weddings and events.  I
bring all my tools and supplies to style you and your bridal party's
hair so relax and enjoy your day!

I have 20 years experience working as a licensed stylist in the
Chicago-land area.  I have worked with NBC on the Judge Mathis
Show, WGN on Emmy night,  Election Day styling the main
candidates and their family for media events, as well as 100's of
Happy Brides on their big day!  

I can accommodate any size bridal party, so relax and enjoy the
convenience of your bridal hairstylist coming to you on your big
day!  And for bridal makeup don't worry,  I can refer you to talented
makeup artists I network with.  By the way ALL the photo's on this
site is my work and I LOVE what I do! :)

Look forward to working with you!
Theodora Bourikas
Bridal Hairstylist
Theodora Chicago's Bridal Hairstylist
Romantic Elegant Up-do by BridalHairstylist.com